Logging into WordPress

This video covers how to find the WordPress login screen and logging in.  The link to the login page is:

If you need to share the video on how to login to WordPress with someone, the link to the video is:

How to add/remove users

This video covers how to add and remove WordPress users, the importance of using complex passwords, and attributing content when deleting users.

Media library overview

This video gives a general overview of what the media library is, the types of files that can be added, and how to add new media on the back end and how to do so within the editor.

How to get to the editor

This video shows two ways to get to the Elementor builder/editor. It also gives general instructions of how to make edits and save and make them live once the edits have been made.

More about how to use the editor

This video goes into a little more detail about how to edit text and images, duplicate rows to add to existing content, and changing background images.

How to edit buttons

This video covers how to make changes to the text and links of buttons. 

Duplicate an existing page to create new pages

This video explains how to duplicate an existing page to preserve the existing structure when needing to create new pages.

More about how to edit the menu

This video covers how to make changes to the menu.

How to edit service page galleries

This video covers how to add and remove photos in the galleries that are on Service pages.

Details about the contact form

This video covers where to find contact form submissions, how to export those submissions, how to edit notification recipients, and how to handle spam.

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